‘Westworld’ TV Series

The science fiction TV series ‘Westworld’ has become a super-hit TV series. It is about a wild west styled theme park that goes horribly wrong.

The park is populated by human like androids and paying visitors can do whatever they want.

The series is based on the movie of the same name, which was written by the legendary science fiction story writer ‘Michael Crichton’.

Westworld is similar to Crichton’s other works, like Jurassic Park. (source: wikipedia)

Michael Crichton (Image Attributed to Annie Lebowitz. www.michaelcrichton.com)
Michael Crichton (Image Attributed to Annie Lebowitz. www.michaelcrichton.com)

Only ten episodes of Westworld have been aired since October last year. They have received very positive reviews from both critics and viewers.

The TV show has a lot of big names attached to it, executive producer J. J. Abrams (director of Star Trek and Star Wars movies), star Ed Harris (winner of Golden Globe award), star Sir Anthony Hopkins (winner of Academy Award) and co-creator Jonathan Nolan (Co-writer of The Dark Knight).

Westworld has won several awards including Golden Reel awards. (source: wikipedia)

Ed Harris (Source: HBO)
Ed Harris (Source: HBO)
Sir Anthony Hopkins (Source: HBO)
Sir Anthony Hopkins (Source: HBO)

Ed Harris plays the role of ‘Man in Black’ who is both ruthless and merciless. Sir Anthony plays the role of ‘Robert Ford’ who is the creator of the theme park.

Guests include all kinds of people, from the ruthless Man in Black to the hedonistic Logan.

The hosts have a wide variety of social types as well, from Dolores who seems to believe what she sees as real to El Lazo the manipulative outlaw.

Westworld is about misfits and sadists of the modern world being transported back in time to the wild west. Being in the wild west with no laws whatsoever is like a bonanza for them.

Westworld’s creator is someone who seems to have no regards for ethics and moral values either.

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