Valerian: The Empire of a Thousand Planets

Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres created the science fiction comics characters of Valerian and Laureline in 1967. Since then they have been featured in many short stories published in comics format.

The main theme of Valerian comics has been time travel and space opera.

‘Valerian: The Empire of a Thousand Planets’ was originally published in the form of short stories appearing in ‘Pilote’ magazine from 1969 to 1970 in French.

Since its translation into English, the comic book has become a bestseller in the English-speaking world as well. (Source: wikipedia)

Valerian Comics (Source: Cinebook)
Valerian Comics (Source: Cinebook)

The comic book is set in the 28th century and it is about a decaying empire that consists of a thousand planets. The empire’s capital is located on the planet Syrte.

The people of earth are called Terrans and its capital is named Galaxity. Terrans believe that the empire and Syrte pose a threat to Galaxity and planet Earth.

Valerian and Laureline are sent from Earth to Syrte to investigate the matter.

Valerian and Laureline spend some time exploring Syrte and its market places. They discover that the planet is run by aliens called Authorities and that they have a biological mechanism of telling time.

That is the reason that they don’t require watches for telling time.

When Valerian and Laureline are about to leave Syrte, they are attacked and are imprisoned. They are taken to an Authority where they learn that the threat to Earth is real.

They are held prisoner inside a Temple, from which they manage to escape and get back to the city. They are helped in getting back by a group of fishermen. (Source: wikipedia)

Valerian and The Empire of a Thousand Planets (Source: Cinebook)
Valerian and The Empire of a Thousand Planets (Source: Cinebook)

They enter the Imperial Palace with the help of a local called Elmir and gather information regarding the threat.

Valerian and Laureline (Source: Cinebook)
Valerian and Laureline (Source: Cinebook)

‘Valerian: The Empire of a Thousand Planets’ is one of the best science fiction comic books ever published. It is a must read for all science fiction and comics fans!

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