Bender from Futurama

Bender aka Bender Bending Rodriguez aka Bending Unit 22 is a robot from the hit TV series Futurama. He was made in Tijuana, Mexico in the year 2996.

Bender runs on alcohol and he used to work as a girder-bending robot. He now works for ‘The Planet Express’.

According to futurama wikia he is fascinated by cooking and stealing other people’s stuff.

Bender Robot (Source: Fox Corp.)
Bender Robot (Source: Fox Corp.)

Bender is part of a very exciting science fiction TV series. The TV series Futurama has been created by the legendary Matt Groening (creator of ‘The Simpsons’) and David X. Cohen.

Futurama is the winner of many awards including multiple Emmy awards, Writers Guild of America award, Nebula award and multiple Annie awards.

The show has seven seasons having 140 episodes. The episodes were originally aired on TV from 1999 to 2013. (source: wikipedia)

Futurama (Source: Fox)
Futurama (Source: Fox)

Bender has lots of human traits, he is very selfish most of the times and he is always without remorse.

His best friend is Fry, who is said to be from the ‘Stupid Ages’ (meaning the year 1999).

According to futurama wikia, Bender is rude and arrogant and loves using swear words. Besides being a thief he is a heavy smoker and a terrible cook.

Bender is a big fan of the robot movie star called ‘Calculon’.

The character of Bender is the life blood of Futurama. Futurama would not be Futurama without him.

Bender is a part of the ‘Planet Express’ ship crew, which is more like a family that is why he is part of almost all of Futurama episodes.

Bender is also featured in Futurama comics since its first publication in the year 2000. Futurama comics are a huge hit with the science fiction and fantasy community. This is why they are still in publication even though the TV series was cancelled many years ago.

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