Swamp Thing’s Bernie Wrightson Dies

Bernie Wrightson aka Bernard Albert Wrightson is the illustrator and co-creator of ‘Swamp Thing’.

He passed away on the 18 of March 2017, may his soul rest in peace.

Bernie Wrightson (Image Attributed to Corey Bond, commons.wikimedia.org)
Bernie Wrightson (Image Attributed to Corey Bond, commons.wikimedia.org)

Bernie was born on the 27th of October 1948, he is well-known for his illustrations and pencils of comicbook artwork. He was influenced by great artists like Frank Frazetta and Graham Ingels.

Bernie co-created the character of ‘Swamp Thing’ with writer Len Wein in 1971.

Bernie has received several awards including the ‘Shazam’ award and the ‘Comic Fan Art’ award.

In his illustrious career, he has worked for most major publishing houses like Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, IDW publishing and Image Comics. (source: wikipedia)

According to DC Access from the DC Entertainment channel on you tube, Swamp Thing features in one of the scariest DC stories of all time.

Bernie was a master of horror comics and illustrations. He is also well-known for working on horror comics like ‘The Simpsons, Tree House of Horrors’, ‘Nightmare Theater’, ‘Jonah Hex’, ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Chamber of Darkness’ and many more. (Source: wikipedia)

The character of Swamp Thing has been developed into movies, TV series and an animated series as well. The character of Swamp Thing is vert well-known to DC Comics fans.

Swamp Thing became even more popular when legends like Alan Moore worked on it. During the time of Alan Moore (famous for ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’), Steve Bissette and John Totleben, Swamp Thing comic series won several awards.

Swamp Thing (Source: DC Comics)
Swamp Thing (Source: DC Comics)

According to Bernie’s official website, he was suffering from brain cancer. He went through surgery and chemotherapy last year, after which his health seemed better.

Unfortunately his health started deteriorating again and he had to go through another brain surgery a few months ago.

The legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson lost his life to brain cancer.

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