Star Wars Thrawn revealed

Grand Admiral Thrawn is an imperial military commander in the Imperial Navy before the Galactic Civil War. He is considered to be a master military strategist and his methods are considered ruthless by his enemies.

The New York Times bestselling and Hugo Award winning author Timothy Zahn is writing a new novel about Thrawn.

No novelist knows the character of Thrawn better than Zahn because he created the character of Thrawn in 1991.

He has previously written no less than seven novels featuring Thrawn! (sources: wikipedia and starwars wikia)

Timothy Zahn (Image Atrributed to Luigi Novi,
Timothy Zahn (Image Atrributed to Luigi Novi,

Admiral Thrawn considers the rebels’ activities as subversive activities against the Empire. He uses ruthlessness to counter them, root them out and destroy the rebels and the smugglers.

This ruthlessness combined with Thrawn’s knowledge of the unexplored Galaxy makes him very useful to Palpatine.

The new novel ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’ will detail Thrawn’s mysterious life and his rising through the ranks and becoming Grand Admiral.

The novel would also explore the origins of Thrawn from the ‘Unknown Regions’ of the Galaxy. These ‘Unknown Regions’ are also infamous for the being the source of the dark side of the force from which Palpatine draws his power.

Thrawn’s reckless pursuit of the rebels to the ends of the Galaxy & his win against the rebels in the Battle of Batonn might also be detailed in the novel.

Star Wars Thrawn (Source: Amazon)
Star Wars Thrawn (Source: Amazon)

According to USA Today Thrawn is Star Wars Rebels top villain and he is the latest baddie after Darth Vader. He is the master of manipulation and fear.

The ability to control and manipulate while instilling fear is what will make the new Thrawn novel very exciting!

Maybe this is why fans like myself are expecting a lot from the new Star Wars Thrawn novel. The new novel is set for release on the 11th of April 2017.

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