Walter from ‘Alien: Covenant’

The science fiction franchise ‘Aliens’ is being reinvigorated by 20th Century Fox with the upcoming sequel to ‘Prometheus’ called ‘Alien: Covenant’.

Alien Covenant (Source: Fox Movies)
Alien Covenant (Source: Fox Movies)

20th Century Fox has released several ‘Alien: Covenant’ movie clips and teasers to date. The latest clip shows the android (human like robot) Walter (played by Michael Fassbender) being manufactured.

Michael Fassbender (
Michael Fassbender (

Michael has played the role of an android called ‘David’ in the movie ‘Prometheus’ as well.

The android acts as the elderly Peter Weyland’s (played by Guy Pearce) assistant in the movie ‘Prometheus’.

The latest clip of the movie ‘Alien: Covenant’ seems more like an advertisement for an android manufacturing company and less like a movie teaser.

The clip shows two people working on an artificial human like figure which is lying on an operating table. They mold an artificial face and attach it to the rest of the figure.

They use a tablet to carry out advanced analytics on the figure before placing a very sophisticated computer chip inside it.

The human like figure has all kinds of tubes sticking out of it, which is later covered with a cloth and left alone for the manufacturing process to complete.

After the process is complete the cloth and the covers are very carefully removed and the android emerges!

The android is fed some kind of liquid and his name is asked. His reply is ‘Walter’.

Later on he is seen in a meeting with regular human beings. They seem very pleased with him, he also seems very pleased with everything.

The clip ends with the names of corporations like ‘AMD’ and ‘Weyland’ being shown and Walter being described as ‘The world’s most advanced synthetic companion’.

‘Alien: Covenant’ is being directed by Ridley Scott (director of Blade Runner) and it is set for release in May 2017.

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