Is ‘New York 2140’ realistic?

The Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson is at it again.

He is doing what he does best i.e, imagining a very realistic future in a science fiction like way.

Kim Stanley Robinson (Source: Orbit Books)
Kim Stanley Robinson (Source: Orbit Books)

His latest book ‘New York 2140’ will be releasing on 14th March 2017.

As the name suggests, the book will be set in the year 2140 in New York City.

New York in the year 2140 (Source: Orbit Books)
New York in the year 2140 (Source: Orbit Books)

The science fiction novel is about life in New York in the year 2140, when global warming and rising sea levels have submerged the city.

The book ‘New York 2140’ is very realistic because of the following reasons:

1) Adaptability

Humans beings have adapted to the changing environment. Similar to today’s Venice, New York has been transformed into a city on the sea with canals instead of streets and boats instead of cars.

Humanity has learned to survive ice ages, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. They will survive global warming as well.

2) Accuracy

The predictions made by Robinson are very accurate. These predictions are in-fact based on scientific facts rather than fiction. Global warming is causing sea levels to rise, countries like The Maldives are predicted to be completely submerged in the foreseeable future.

3) Changing Realities

Similar to Robinson’s novel ‘Red Mars’, ‘New York 2140’ predicts the future. In 2017 it is predicting the year 2140. The fact that global warming is making sea levels rise is a reality. If this trend continues human beings will have to adapt to this changing reality and learn to live in a submerged New York.

4) Sustainability

One of Robinson’s main goals is sustainability. He always embeds this idea into his books. Similarly ‘New York 2140’ is about sustaining the city of New York in the future. New York and its brilliant skyscrapers are modified so as to sustain the sea and all its dangers.

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