Kong Skull Island Volume 1

The island that the humans live on is destroyed by a calamity. The warring survivors end up on Skull Island.

Their troubles are not over because they have to face killer dinosaurs and the likes.

In this time of difficulty they find an unlikely ally in Kong.

Kong is helping the human civilization survive on Skull Island. The humans start to worship Kong.

Kong Skull Island Volume 1 (Source: Boom Studios)
Kong Skull Island Volume 1 (Source: Boom Studios)

The graphic novel features issues #1-4 of the continuing series.

It is written by James Asmus, who is well-known for writing comic-books including ‘Thief of thieves’, ‘Quantum & Woody’ and ‘Gambit’. He has also worked on ‘X-Men’ and ‘Inhumans’ comics. He has worked for Marvel, Image Comics, Valiant Comics and Boom Studios. (source: wikipedia)

The artwork is by the esteemed Carlos Magno. Carlos has worked on comics like ‘Planet of the apes’.

Kong (Source: Boom Studios)
Kong (Source: Boom Studios)

The science fiction and fantasy graphic novel was released on 15 February 2017.

The featured issues include the following:

1) Mythical monsters:

Kong is a mythical monster that is featured in the novel. He is the main character on which the whole series is based. Other mythical monsters include dinosaurs and deathrunners.

2) Clash of civilizations:

The humans that end up on the island are divides into two main rival factions. These factions or tribes are always clashing and fighting with each other. When their island is destroyed and they come to Skull Island, they form a truce so that their kind can survive this calamity.

3) Extreme hardship:

Besides the unholy monsters the survivors have to face infighting and volcanic eruptions. The so-called deathrunners make it very hard for the warring tribes to survive. Skull Island is the most horrible place imaginable.

All in all ‘Kong Skull Island volume 1’ is a very good read. It has all the elements of a fantasy novel and an adventure novel combined with the best artwork.

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