SyFy channel’s ‘The Expanse’ TV series

Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck are writers of ‘The Expanse’ series of Science Fiction novels. The novels have been released under the pseudonym: James S. A. Corey.

James Corey aka Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham (Image Attributed to Elf,
James Corey aka Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham (Image Attributed to Elf,

‘The Expanse’ has been adapted by ‘SyFy Channel’ into a successful TV series in 2015. The series is in its second season now, since February 2017. (source: wikipedia)

‘The Expanse’ is set two hundred years into the future, where Mars and the Asteroid Belt (aka the Belt) have been colonized.

The science fiction space opera tells the story of rivalries between Earth, Mars and the Belt.

The Expanse (Source: SyFy)
The Expanse (Source: SyFy)

Mars is being terraformed into an earth like planet. Its inhabitants are optimistic about the future. They yearn for an earth like environment with blue skies, oceans and trees etc.

Earth and Mars are separate military powers which coexist relatively peacefully.

Humans have colonized parts of the solar system, but they have been unable to remove ‘corruption, deception and injustice’ from their ranks.

The Expanse is a story of deceit and corruption that can push Mars, Earth and the Asteroid Belt into war with each other.

The series is starring Thomas Jane (as Josephus Miller), Florence Faivre (as Juliette Andromeda Mao aka Julie), Steven Strait (as James Holden) and Shohreh Aghdashloo (as Chrisjen Avasarala).

Chrisjen is a United Nations executive from Earth who is trying to broker a peace deal between all of humanity and stop them from going to war with each other.

Miller is a police detective from the Belt who is trying to locate Julie, who has gone missing.

James is the executive officer on board a space ship called Canterbury, which has met with an accident.

Soon it is realized that a massive conspiracy is underway that threatens the very existence of humanity!

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