Neil Gaiman’s new book: ‘Norse Mythology’

Neil Gaiman is the bestselling author of graphic novels, comics and books. He is the author of the bestselling DC (Vertigo) comics series called ‘The Sandman’. His latest book is called ‘Norse Mythology’.

He has won prestigious science fiction Hugo, Nebula and Bram Stoker awards.

Neil’s magnificent career has taken him from journalism to screenwriting, his works have also been adapted into radio shows.

Neil Gaiman (Image Attributed to 'pinguino k' from North Hollywood,
Neil Gaiman (Image Attributed to ‘pinguino k’ from North Hollywood,

Neil screen-writings include a Hugo Award winning episode of Doctor Who.

Neil has also worked with comicbook greats like Todd McFarlane.

Neil is a great storyteller, his latest book ‘Norse Mythology’ is about characters found in Norse myths. According to Neil these characters have flaws, yet they are fascinating.

The characters of Thor, Loki and his children are part of this book. These characters have been made very popular by Marvel’s comics and movies.

This is one reason why the book is even more interesting because it takes these popular characters and weaves them into a great story.

The book is about the mythical nine worlds and dwarfs and giants and other deities.

All characters seem real yet they are set in a fictional and mythical world. The reason for them being so real is the way they manipulate each other for selfish reasons. The characters are much like human characters, who display acts of Machiavellian self-interest.

Norse Mythology (Source: Neil Gaiman)
Norse Mythology (Source: Neil Gaiman)

The characters in the book are a lot darker than the ones we see in Marvel comics and movies.

According to Neil these popular myths required a fresh new look, that is why he has given the characters a new twist.

Neil has combined his master storytelling techniques with myths that have existed for ages. The book is as much folklore as a work of fiction.

The book ‘Norse Mythology’ was published on 7th February 2017.

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