Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds at Harvard 

The movie Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds was invited to Harvard University a few days ago, for the ‘Hasty Puddings’ Man of The Year award.

According to The Harvard Crimson, he was invited to Harvard on Friday evening for accepting the honor.

Ryan jokingly said that he never expected to be at Harvard!

Ryan Reynolds (Source: Gage Skidmore,
Ryan Reynolds (Source: Gage Skidmore,

Ryan Reynolds is a big SciFi and Fantasy movie icon. He has played leading roles in some of the best known movies in the genre.

He played Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the movies ‘Deadpool’ and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’. Ryan also played Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern in the movie ‘The Green Lantern’.

Deadpool (Source: 20th Century Fox.
Deadpool (Source: 20th Century Fox.
The Green Lantern (Source Warner Bros.
The Green Lantern (Source Warner Bros.

Ryan has also played the role of the vampire hunting ex-vampire, Hannibal King in the movie ‘Blade: Trinity’.

Ryan’s list of awards and award nominations keeps growing. Besides receiving the Hasty Puddings award, he has also been nominated for the Golden Globe award.

Ryan’s list of Marvel and DC movies keeps growing as well. Marvel’s Deadpool 2 is expected for release in 2018.

Another milestone in his list of successful SciFi and Fantasy movies could be the movie ‘Life’. This movie is set for release in March this year. It is about a group of scientists on the ISS (International Space Station) who find intelligent extraterrestrial life on Mars.

NASA has sent rovers to Mars and it is trying to find a way of sending manned missions to the Red Planet as well. Companies like SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Blue Origin are helping NASA in achieving that.

Public interest in Mars is at an all time high, so this movie makes a lot of sense. It might turn into a hit like ‘The Martian’ or ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’.

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