Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’ & Social Responsibility

Michael Bay is the director of ‘The Transformers’ movies. His latest is the upcoming ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’.

Michael is also well-known for directing SciFi movies like ‘Armageddon’.

Michael Bay (Image Attributed to Romina Espinosa 'commons.wikimedia.org')
Michael Bay (Image Attributed to Romina Espinosa ‘commons.wikimedia.org’)

According to Entertainment Access, Michael has shown a great deal of social responsibility during the filming of the latest movie.

He cast ‘Britain’s Loneliest Dog’ in the movie. According to the report, no one wanted her as a pet. After Michael cast her in the movie, she finally found some one who wanted her as a pet!

She is playing her role with the great Sir Anthony Hopkins.

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ has a whopping budget of $260 million.

Michael’s previously successful track record seems to be the reason for studios giving him this huge budget. This allows Michael to spare no expense in the making of this movie. He gets the best crew, the best visual effects and the best IMAX technologies.

The new Super Bowl trailer hints at a lot of death and destruction on earth. Our hero ‘Optimus Prime’ has forsaken us and turned against us.He is seen to be trying to kill Bumblebee and humans in the trailer. He is seeking redemption of some sort and his so called ‘maker’ is helping him get it.

‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ is said to be the last in the series of Michael Bay directed Transformer movies.

Michael has been a big fan of the transformers since childhood. This is one reason why he chose to be part of the great revival of the transformers franchise.

Michael has brought the transformers to the big screen with big bucks very successfully.

After the fifth installment of the franchise, Michael would leave the helm for someone equally capable to take on the role of making future transformers movies.

The movie ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ is set for release on the 23rd of June 2017.

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