Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary 

Image Comics was founded twenty-five years ago in 1992.

It is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Image Comics (Source:
Image Comics (Source:

The comics industry had been brought to its knees after saturation and collapse in the early and mid 1990’s. The industry desperately needed a revival. For that revival to come about a serious change was needed in the industry norms.

Image Comics was born out of that need for desperate change.

Unlike the industry norm, Image provided a platform where creator-owned content could be published.

Image Comics provided a way out of the mess, the industry had gotten itself into, by democratizing the comics industry and by giving more control and freedom to content creators.

The monopoly of the big publishing houses and big distributors was over, because their over expansionist policies were the causes of the industry meltdown in the first place.

Image Comics (Source:
Image Comics (Source:

Image was founded by legends of comics industry, named Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, Chris Claremont and Rob Liefeld.

Image Comics became an instant success because it was exactly what the industry needed.

Unlike Marvel or DC, Image does not own the works it publishes. All works published by Image Comics are creator-owned and creator-copyrighted.

Some of the best known comics series have come from this industry disrupting platform. These include ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Spawn’ and ‘Saga’ among many others.

‘The Walking Dead’ has reached new heights of fame recently, after being developed into a very successful TV series.

Image Comics is known for its decentralized way of doing business. It consists of production studios which create and publish content under the Image Comics umbrella but are entirely independent of Image Comics.

Image Comics faces tough competition from rivals like IDW Publishing and Dark Horse Comics, which is good for the industry and the consumer as a whole.

This competitive environment gives consumers and readers a better product by allowing the creators to create higher quality content.

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