Star Trek TOS’ DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy) remembered

The legendary actor DeForest Kelley, who played ‘Dr. Leonard Horatio McCoy’ in ‘Star Trek (TOS): The Original Series’, was born in Georgia (United States) on the 20th of January 1920.

He passed away in the 11th Of June 1999.

Besides appearing in ‘Star Trek: TOS’, DeForest Kelley also appeared in the ‘Star Trek’ motion pictures I to VI.

He was also the voice behind ‘Dr. McCoy’ in ‘Star Trek: The Animated Series’.

Dr. McCoy (Source:
Dr. McCoy (Source:

Dr. McCoy plays a very important role on the USS Enterprise. He is referred to as ‘Bones’ by his shipmates.

In the Star Trek universe, the character Bones is born in Georgia on 20th of January of the year 2227.

In the year 2266 he is appointed chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise.

Dr. Leonard McCoy (Source:
Dr. Leonard McCoy (Source:

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