Rogue One’s Bodhi Rook actor had fourteen takes for his audition!

Riz Ahmed plays Bodhi Rook in Star Wars Rogue One.

Gareth Edwards, Rogue One’s Director, asked Riz for an audition video. He emailed him fourteen takes for the same character!

Gareth jokingly didn’t take out a restraining order on him but put him in the movie.

Riz revealed this on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

He also says that he feels surreal being part of the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Rogue One Riz Ahmed (Source: Lucasfilm)
Star Wars: Rogue One Riz Ahmed (Source: Lucasfilm)

Bodhi is part of the Rebel Alliance that wants to restore The Republic. He is a pilot in the Galactic Civil War, who seems to be tense and nervous all the time.

Riz has that nervous personality in real life as well. It was this nervousness that made him send in fourteen different videos to Gareth in the first place.

May be it is this personality trait that Gareth wanted in the character and cast Riz for the role of Bodhi Rook.

Bodhi is conscripted to join the Empire but he defects and joins the Rebellion. His technical skills and reliability are instrumental in stealing the plans for the death star.

He is an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation; which makes him really passionate for what he is doing.

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