The hit science fiction novel ‘Red Mars’ is about to become more important

The science fiction novel ‘Red Mars’ by Kim Stanley Robinson is about to become even more relevant in the back drop of Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Mars Missions.

Kim Stanley Robinson (Source: Orbit Books)
Kim Stanley Robinson (Source: Orbit Books)

The science fiction novel tells the story of the colonization of Mars. It seems more like an actual history book than a work of fiction.

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

SpaceX is on its way to begin colonization of planet Mars. Other’s are expected to follow in their footsteps. Kim Stanley Robinson has a lot to say about it. According to him Mars should not be taken as an excuse for misusing the beautiful planet Earth.

Kim also says that Elon Musk Needs to update his Mars plan because it lacks imagination and it sounds like a cliché from the 1920’s.

Elon Musk SpaceX (Source: Bloomberg)
Elon Musk SpaceX (Source: Bloomberg)

No matter what the critics say, one has to admit that Elon is a visionary; who is taking practical concrete steps for realizing his vision.

The book Red Mars provides a kind of ‘for dummies’ guide his team members.

It provides vivid details regarding the interactions of people on board the spacecraft that carries them to Mars. The hardships and the rigors of space travel shape the group dynamics of the people involved in the missions.

The book also combines science fiction narration with real problems that Mars colonizers would be facing.

The environmental impact of a permanent human settlement on Mars is also discussed in ‘Red Mars’.

The novel is followed by two more novels namely: ‘Blue Mars’ and ‘Green Mars’.

They deal with the terraformation of Mars and its conversion into an Earth like planet.

The next few decades will be very important in regards to Mars missions. The United States Congress has approved the required budget for sending missions to Mars. NASA is working with private companies like SpaceX to make Mars Missions a reality.

In the light of all these developments, reading ‘Red Mars’ is highly recommended because its story might be similar to the way things turn out to be in real life.

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