Futurama: Comedy Prevails Over Science

David X. Cohen, head writer and producer of Futurama, recently revealed interesting facts about the science fiction comedy TV series.

David and co-creator, Matt Groening, had agreed that comedy would prevail over science in Futurama. Maybe that is why the series is like no other.

A fan film also sticks to the same motto of comedy over science, while being true to the science fiction genre.

The fan film recreates the Futurama characters in vivid detail.

Futurama (Source: fan-o-rama)
Futurama (Source: fan-o-rama)

Stuff like Robanukah and characters like Zapp Brannigan bring a lot of laughter.

The labeling of current times as the Stupid Ages is also very creative. After watching a few episodes, one really starts believing that we are living in the stupid ages!

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