Doctor Strange Faces Dormammu

Doctor Stephen Strange is an outstanding neurosurgeon, but he is self-centered and arrogant . It’s hard to believe, how someone like him can face Dormammu; the worst form of evil.

The movie is all about Strange’s journey of transformation from an arrogant surgeon to a great world saving sorcerer.

Life teaches Strange a cruel lesson. He is no longer able to operate after his hands are severely injured in a car accident. He tries all kinds of medical treatments but to no avail.

He is eventually led to The Ancient One in Kathmandu to learn the Mystic Arts.

Doctor Strange turns out to be a brilliant student. He let’s go of his ego and his arrogant approach to life. He starts life all over again as a sorcerer. He faces the villainous Kaecilius and his followers who are attempting to bring Dormammu from the Dark Dimension to earth.

Dark Dimension (Source: Marvel)
Dark Dimension (Source: Marvel)

Doctor Strange faces Dormammu and ties him in an infinite time loop. The loop repeats the same moment over and over again.

Strange Facing Dormammu (Source: Marvel)
Strange Facing Dormammu (Source: Marvel)

The Doctor’s confrontation of Dormammu is a statement in it self. It shows how much he has changed and how much good can be done through his hands. Even though he is no longer a surgeon, he is something much bigger. He is not just saving lives, he is saving the entire planet from evil…

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