Star Wars Shattered Empire # 1

The creative team for Shattered Empire # 1 is:

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Marco Checchetto

Colorist: Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Art: Phil Noto

Assistant Editor: Heather Antos

Editor: Jordan D. Cebulski

Editor in Chief: Axel Alonso

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Quesada

Publisher: Dan Buckley

For Lucasfilm:

Creative Director Michael Siglain

Senior Editor: Frank Parisi

Lucasfilm Story Group: Rayne Roberts, Pablo Hidalgo & Leland Chee

During the Battle of Endor, above the Forest Moon, the Galactic Empire is in a fierce fight with The Rebels. The fully operational second Death Star is still protected by the energy shield from the moon. The rebel pilots are having a tough time trying to protect the Rebellion’s capital ships.

Luke and Vader are locked in combat on Death Star II,

Journey To Star Wars The Force Awakens: Shattered Empire (Source: Marvel)
Journey To Star Wars The Force Awakens: Shattered Empire (Source: Marvel)

meanwhile, the rebel pilots are engaged in fierce dogfights with Imperial forces.

Han, Chewie and Sergeant Kes Dameron are on board the Millennium Falcon.

Lieutenant Shara Bey (Kes Dameron’s Wife) is flying with the Green Squadron, which is escorting Gold Leader.

Shara Bey (Source: Marvel)
Shara Bey (Source: Marvel)

Green Squadron is being pounded really hard by the Imperial forces. The squadron is putting up a good fight but with many losses. Shara is waiting for Kes and the Millennium Falcon for help. They arrive just in time and draw fire away from the squadron.

The message is out that the shield protecting the Death Star is down. The Millennium Falcon heads inside the star to destroy it.

The Millennium Falcon (Source: Marvel)
The Millennium Falcon (Source: Marvel)

Shara gets a visual lock on a Lambda class ship leaving Death Star II. She tries to intercept it. She gets a message from the ship saying friendly aboard. She identifies herself as Green Four and asks for the Friendly’s identification. It turns out to be Commander Skywalker!

Commander Skywalker on a Lambda Class Shuttle (Source: Marvel)
Commander Skywalker on a Lambda Class Shuttle (Source: Marvel)

All of a sudden tie fighters close in on them. Shara covers Luke’s ship while it makes a run for the Forest Moon.

Meanwhile the Millennium Falcon destroys the death star and flies away just in the nick of time.

Death Star II is Destroyed (Source: Marvel)
Death Star II is Destroyed (Source: Marvel)

Shara and the rest of the rebel pilots return. She talks to Lieutenant L’ulo about the situation. She seems worried about Kes. L’ulo tells her not to worry and join the party on the moon below.

On the moon everybody is celebrating and having fun. Shara asks everyone about Kes; no one seems to know where he is. She is worried sick about her dear husband.

Shara Looking For Kes (Source: Marvel)
Shara Looking For Kes (Source: Marvel)

She seems relieved when she sees Lando and Han Solo. She walks up them and asks about the pathfinders. Han points her to a hut and tells her that most of them are in there. She finally sees Kes for the first time since the battle. He asks her if she wants to go for a walk. She says desperately!

They both go for a walk. They talk about stuff and……..

The next day General Han Solo holds a meeting regarding the situation. He says that according to intelligence sources; they have some news. He says the good news is that the Imperial forces are in chaos. The bad news is that an Imperial holdout on the other side of the moon is preparing a counter attack. General Madine thinks that the hold out should be dealt with so that storm troopers won’t trouble the Ewoks.

The Rebel Alliance wants to attack the holdout as soon as the pilots are allocated. Shara volunteers for the mission because Kes is on the mission. R2D2 shares plans of the base on hologram.

As soon as they are ready, they fly to the Imperial base on the other side of the moon. As soon as they near the base, the storm troopers open fire. They fire back and manage to land amid the firing.

Enemy Base (Source: Marvel)
Enemy Base (Source: Marvel)

The team disembark the ship; Kes is part of that team. Shara stays on board. He tells her that he wants to find a planet and build a house.

They head inside after a fierce fight. They take their time inside the building. They return with a lot of data that would provide intelligence to the Rebel Alliance. One thing is for sure, it’s not over yet……………….

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