Transformers at War

The first chapter of the Transformers comics has the following creative team:

Plot: Bill Mantlo

Script: Ralph Macchio

Pencils: Frank Springer

Inks: Kim DeMulder

Lettering: Higgins & Parker

Colors: Nelson Yomtov

Editor: Bob Budiansky

Editor-In-Chief: Jim Shooter

The transformers were at war. The Decepticons have attacked and destroyed the Autobots by the billions. Those who survived mounted a defense.

Early Great War (Source: Marvel)
Early Great War (Source: Marvel)

The transformers had the potential to alter their configurations and transform into vehicles of great power. The Decepticons could transform into deadly aircraft. The Autobots could transform into road vehicles.

The Decepticons had planned very well for the war. This is the reason the Autobots suffered so many losses. Megatron, who was the leader of the Decepticons, used his deadly fusion cannon to destroy many Autobot strongholds.

The Decepticons wanted to take over Cybertron and turn it into the deadliest weapon in the universe. The Autobots were not going to let that happen.

Optimus Prime hailed from the city-state of Iacon. He inspired the Autobots and united them into a fully effective fighting force against the Decepticons. His firepower was only matched by Megatron’s.

Optimus Prime united the Autobots and repelled the Decepticon assault. The Autobots rebuilt the fallen city states and turned them into sanctuaries. Meanwhile, the war raged on for a thousand years and Cybertron continued to rush through the cosmos.

Cybertron was about to enter a deadly asteroid belt. Optimus met with the elders to discuss the situation. They worked out a plan to save the planet. He himself would be heading off planet to clear a path through the asteroid belt. This would expose him to the danger of being attacked by Decepticons.

Unknown to the Autobots, the Decepticon spy Ravage is eavesdropping. He conveys this vital piece of information to their leader Megatron.

The Autobots build a ship called ‘The Ark’ that would take them off world toward the asteroids. Meanwhile, the Decepticons plan on building their own spacecraft for pursuing ‘The Ark’ and destroying Optimus Prime, only after the Autobots have saved Cybertron.

The Ark (Source: Marvel)
The Ark (Source: Marvel)

The Ark pulverizes the asteroids and clears the necessary path. The Autobots celebrate their achievements. Cybertron is nearing the planet earth.

All of a sudden, The Ark is attacked by the enemy. The Autobots were so exhausted after clearing the asteroids that they were unable to fight off the attack. Optimus Prime had foreseen this and planned for it accordingly.

He sets course for the planet earth. He plans to crash-land and kill all his enemies with himself. The Ark crash lands into a volcano and embeds itself into the mountain.

Four million years go by as the volcano lies dormant. When it erupts, it uncovers The Ark. The earth is dominated by a new species which have named the volcanic mountain St. Hilary and according to their calendar the date is 1984.

The eruption awakens the ship’s brain. It sends out a sensor drone for gathering data regarding the planet. The drone can only detect mechanical life forms and not carbon life forms. It is unable to detect humans but it detects a plane that looks similar to a Decepticon.

The drone’s circuits are overloaded when it detects traffic on a Oregon interstate highway. The vehicles seem similar to the Autobots. The drone also detects electronic gadgets like radios and televisions. As soon as this information is relayed to the ships brain, it commences the revival of the ship’s crew…….

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