Prequel to Cross Gen Negation

CrossGen Negation is a very well written and very well illustrated comic that is part of CrossGen’s Forge series of graphic novels. The creative team includes:

Writers: Tony Bedard and Mark Waid

Penciler: Paul Pelletier

Inker: Dave Meikis

Colorist: James Rochelle

Letterers: Dave Lanphear and Troy Peteri

Crossgen Negation Prequel (Source: CrossGen)
Crossgen Negation Prequel (Source: CrossGen)

The god emperor Charon took ten thousand years to conquer his universe and forge the interstellar empire known as the Negation. He wants to add more to his empire. He now looks to our universe with a baleful eye.

He kidnaps one hundred souls from different worlds in our universe and takes them to his dark realm. He wants to test them and observe them before beginning the conquest of our universe.

The abducted ones have no idea what is happening to them. The only one who thinks that somebody is testing them and watching them is Obregon Kaine. Zaida seems to be the only one who trusts Kaine; everyone else thinks that he is a pest.

Some strange hungry being threatens him and asks him for food. He says that he doesn’t have any. The being calls him a liar and threatens him again. He hits the being with a rock; who tries firing back but somehow kills himself.

All of a sudden a scary nightwall descends and everyone is frightened. Barty is taken away for cruel testing; which he probably will not survive.

When the nightwall passes, Kaine wakes up with a jolt. He learns of Barty’s fate. He thinks that he knows what’s going on. He wants to go talk to Lady Evinlea about it. He thinks that because of her superpower abilities everybody is looking up her.

As soon as he approaches her tent, her bodyguards beat him and throw him away. He returns to Zaida’s side. She asks him take some rest and let the whole thing go for the time being. Meanwhile, the others are betting on which of the two is going to die first.

Iress Crossgen Comics Negation (Source: CrossGen)
Iress Crossgen Comics Negation (Source: CrossGen)

Iress is intrigued by Kaine’s behavior. She looks on and thinks about what could be driving him to do what he does.

Kaine keeps thinking about all that is going on. He keeps asking himself about why were there exactly one hundred of them in the beginning. Why do some of them have abilities that he’s never seen before and why do those abilities backfire some times.

He thinks that they are being studied. Their behavior of gathering in tribes, of leaving the weak to fend for themselves and gathering around the strong like Evinlea.

Matua (Source: CrossGen)
Matua (Source: CrossGen)

Kaine has a strong sense of observation. He thinks that there is a spaceport out there somewhere. He keeps talking to Zaida while she is busy with her baby Memi.

The next day, Matua and his friend walk into a trap. Kaine tries to warn them but they don’t listen. They are attacked by aliens; Kaine takes on the aliens and saves their lives. The aliens continue on with their attack. Evinlea intervenes and kills the aliens.

Kaine tells her that he is honored to meet her but she shouldn’t have killed the aliens because he wanted one alive for questioning.

Kaine meets with Evinlea again in her tent. He tells her that he is a military man who has served with the Paladins in the twenty-fourth armored cavalry. He tells her about his observations regarding their situation. He also thinks that they are being used as lab rats.

Evinlea and Obregon Kaine (Source: CrossGen)
Evinlea and Obregon Kaine (Source: CrossGen)

This hits a chord somewhere and she starts listening to him carefully. She gathers all her followers and tells them to listen to what Kaine has to say about finding a way out of here. He thanks her for the introduction and starts speaking to all those gathered around them.

He plays this part nicely, by trying to motivate everybody to stick together and by poking the enemy for answers. He says out loud that the enemy has made two crucial mistakes; the first is that the enemy has gathered all of them from different worlds and different cultures so that she can keep them divided using their differences. The second is that the enemy has somehow distorted everybody’s powers except for Evinlea’s.

He also says that Evinlea’s power is the key to their victory. Everybody gathered around starts chanting her name. Kaine adds that the first phase of the escape plan is to march to the spaceport, the second phase is to scout the facility and the third phase is to steal a ship.

All of a sudden the nightwall descends again. Kaine gets some of the answers. He figures out that the enemy was listening to all that he was saying.

The enemy reveals some more answers. They hear an announcement instructing them to stand up for roll call because they are prisoners of the Negation. One of the captives says something out loud, the guards instantly put him to death.

Kaine wisely managed to get some answers from the enemy. He thinks that this is a good start to their battle plan….

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