Star Trek TAS: Beyond The Farthest Star

Star Trek TAS (The Animates Series) is as good as TOS (The Original Series). It has most of the original cast members’ voices. The first episode (Beyond The Farthest Star) was aired on 8th September 1973. This episode was directed by Hal Sutherland and was written by Samuel A. Peeples.

It starts with the following lines that have defined Star Trek for so long:

Space the final frontier. 

These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

Its five-year mission

To explore strange new worlds,

To seek out new life and new civilizations,

To boldly go where no man has gone before.”

The opening credits roll along with the original and exciting theme music from TOS.

According to the Captain’s log, star date 5221.3, the USS Enterprise is on outward course beyond the fringe of our galaxy, heading towards the source of mysterious radio emissions. Suddenly the emergency alarms go off.

Captain Kirk asks Mr. Scott about the situation. He informs the Captain that he has cut power but they are still gaining speed. The Captain asks Mr. Sulu. He says that the starship is not responding to the helm.

The Enterprise is heading towards a dead star and is gaining speed.

Star Trek TAS Episode-1
Star Trek TAS Episode-1

Captain Kirk instructs his crew to reverse course. Mr. Spock informs the Captain that some kind of unusual hyper-gravity seems to be pulling them towards the star. The Captain asks as to why the scanners aren’t picking it up. He instructs Mr. Sulu to turn on the forward scanners.

They finally see the death star on the view screen. Lieutenant Uhura informs the Captain that the death star is the source of the radio emissions. Mr. Spock describes it as negative star mass and imploded matter.

The starship is still falling towards the star. The Captain instructs his crew for full reverse thrust. It does not work. Mr. Spock tells them that they will impact the star in 93 seconds. Uhura detects another signal and turns up the volume so that everybody can hear two different kinds of emissions.

They are only forty seconds from impact. Mr. Spock starts the countdown. The Captain makes a wise decision. He believes that the only way for them to survive is to get into orbit around the star. He instructs Mr. Sulu to flank speed.

Just a few seconds before impact they come into orbit around the star and achieve orbital velocity!

Dr. McCoy thinks that the gravity is so strong, they won’t be able to get out of it. The Captain seems to have a plan regarding it. He asks Mr. Spock if he can perform computations on the sling shot effect.

Uhura picks up the other radio signal again; coming from nine seconds right ascension from galactic plane. The source seems to be dead ahead of the USS Enterprise. A few moments later it’s on the view screen.

Beyond The Farthest Star
Beyond The Farthest Star

It’s a massive starship that looks damaged. They suspect that it was also pulled in by the dead star’s gravity just like their starship. Uhura says that this starship is the source of the signal. Mr. Spock confirms that but he also thinks that it is impossible because the ship is dead. There are no life support thermal or temperature readings from the ship. There seems to be no energy stored on the ship either. The only signal is a slight electromagnetic flux reading, which could be considered normal for a ship this size. Mr. Spock believes the statement to be correct with a probability of 0.997.

The design and the alloy of the ship are also unknown. The alloy is harder and lighter than anything registered before. Mr. Spock analyzes the starship in more detail. He comes to the conclusion that it has been in orbit around this death star for over three hundred million years!

Mr. Spock
Mr. Spock

The crew think that the ship is beautiful. They think that it is was built by an advanced civilization even before life emerged on earth. Dr. McCoy thinks that three hundred million years represent only a very insignificant amount of time in the whole of eternity.

Mr. Spock suggests that it would be logical to assume that the ship has some kind of warp drive. The Captain is intrigued. He wants to board the starship. He instructs Spock, Scotty and Bones to go with him to the transporter room. They activate their life support belts and are beamed on board the alien ship.

As soon as they are on the ship. Spock observes that the ship has hexagonal shapes that resemble beehives from earth. Scotty observes that the ship’s metal wasn’t rolled or drawn it was spun like a spiderweb.

All the pods on the ship are damaged. They seem to have been burst open from the inside. They can’t understand why. Bones thinks that it could have been an accident, but the Vulcan thinks that the pattern is too systematic to be an accident. He thinks that the crew might have destroyed the ship themselves!

The Captain contacts The Enterprise and asks Uhura whether the signal from the alien ship is still being received or not. She informs them that it disappeared as soon as they boarded the ship. The Captain finds that a little suspicious and asks her to lock the transporter on them and be ready to transport them back to The Enterprise, just in case something goes wrong.

They go deeper into the alien ship. They get an energy reading from strange-looking accumulator wands inside the ship. The huge structure of the ship seems to have been designed for capturing and storing energy.

They feel overwhelmed by the technology and enormity of the alien ship. They feel that they are being watched by someone or something. Spock thinks that it is just primitive superstition. The Captain thinks that they are primitive compared to the beings that built this ship.

Star Trek TAS
Star Trek TAS

They come to a doorway. Spock uses his phaser to open it. As soon a they step inside the door locks automatically. They seem to have entered the control or command center of the ship. All the gadgets and gizmos around them seem to turn on automatically.

Mr. Spock conducts a tricorder analysis. He finds gravity and air to be only two points above earth normal. The Captain tries to contact The Enterprise, but some sort of interference seems to have been setup. Scotty tries to use his phaser to cut the door open, it doesn’t work. All the energy seems to have been drained from the phasers.

They seem to be trapped in the control center. They see different kinds of controls and equipment around them. One of the control panels seems a little out of place. It seems to have been setup in a hurry to shield the room from something that had gotten on-board their ship.

Suddenly some being seems to be trying to break into the room. The view screen turn on all of a sudden. An insect like alien seems to be saying something. Spock uses the controls to translate the message. He successfully does it. The message is a three hundred million year old warning from aliens who built this ship. It says that a dangerous life from has invaded their ship. The only way to contain it is to destroy their ship themselves.

A sudden explosion rocks the room. Everything starts exploding around them. They are able to beam back to The Enterprise. Something beams aboard The Enterprise with them.

The Captain tries to transport it back out but the life form takes over the controls. Everything else seems normal on board except the magnetic field. The Captain asks Scotty to make preparation; in case they need to destroy The Enterprise to contain this life form.

The life form seems to be taking over the ship step-wise. It takes over one area after another. The crew are rushed to Scotty’s aid. He is stuck under a core hatch. They use cutter-beams to rescue Scotty.

Spock thinks that that the life form is magnetizing the entire ship.

The bridge reports that the ships weapons have been turned on automatically and are pointing towards the alien ship. All of the sudden they see the Enterprise fire and the alien ship is destroyed.

Reports of malfunction seem to coming in from all over the ship. Captain Kirk asks Spock to rig a low frequency shield for the navigation console similar to the one on the alien ship. The shield works and protects the console from being taken over by the life form.

Meanwhile, it goes through all the ships files on the computer.

The Captain thinks that the life form cannot escape the death star’s gravity. It needs a manned starship so that it can break free from the unusually high gravity. All of the sudden the life form communicates with them in their language.

It wants the Captain to obey its commands. It wants to the Captain to remove the shield from the navigation console and set course for the heart of the galaxy. The Captain damages the warp drive control instead. He promises the life form that he will repair it. He asks Scotty to start repairs.

Meanwhile he asks Spock about the life form. He says that the organism is a magnetic life form without mass. It is a form of primal energy that can control a starship. It has become The Enterprise. The crew are only life support organisms in its body.

The Captain asks Spock to make computations on using the sling shot effect for escaping the star’s gravity. He asks him to do it in his head, because if he uses the ship’s computer the alien will find out.

As soon as the repairs are completed, they set course for the heart of the galaxy. The Captain activates the controls. The Enterprise starts falling towards the death star again. The alien starts torturing the Captain but he persists. The ship gets closer to the death star.

The Captain orders the crew to activate warp drive. The alien thinks that they are deliberately going to crash into the star. It leaves the ship to save its life.

The warp drive is activated and the sling shot effect helps them escape the death star and the alien!

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