Mordath Returns to Sojourn

Sojourn Chapter 1 sees the return of the Evil and Bloody Mordath. His troll armies pillage and burn. He wrecks havoc on the Five Lands.

Sojourn Chapter 1 List:

Writer: Ron Marz

Penciler: Greg Land

Inker: Drew Geraci

Colorist: Caesar Rodriguez

Letterers: Dave Lanphear & Troy Peteri

Sojourn is wonderfully written. The character development is excellent. Mordath is one of the best evil characters ever.

The story starts with Arwyn. She saves a little girl’s life from an ugly troll. She is thanked by her father. He informs her about the invasion of Mordath’s forces.


She is in the city of Gerrindor, which is the last outpost to be conquered to by Mordath. Gerrindor lies in the valley of Erevin. Arwyn rushes home to her husband and daughter, who are still at home and at the mercy of the trolls. She is accompanied by her faithful dog Kreeg.

When she reaches home; it’s ablaze. She breaks in through the front door. She sees Darian’s dead body and screams. Suddenly a troll attacks her from behind. Kreeg defends her. She survives the blow and falls on the wooden floor. She shoots an arrow from her bow and kills the troll.

Another one attacks her with a battle-ax. She kills him with an arrow shot from her bow.

A mean looking troll grabs her by the hair and throws her down. He tries to kill her with a knife. She finds a knife lying next to her. She stabs the troll with it.

Two more trolls attack her. She defends herself and kills both of them.

She sees her poor husband’s body and then she sees Neera’s dead body. She screams like never before. Both her husband and her daughter have been slain by Mordath’s forces.

She escapes with her life. Kreeg is the only family she’s got left. She sits in a field on the outskirts of Gerrindor and looks upon the burning city mournfully. She want vengeance….

Meanwhile Mordath is informed of the city’s fate by his underlings. He is pleased at having achieved victory after three centuries.

The last page of chapter one shows Mordath for the first time since his resurrection. He looks really evil. His look is not human, it is completely devilish. He has dead people’s skulls hanging from his belt and his fist is literally on fire……

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