The Transformers Begin

The transformers began with robots which could change themselves by altering their configurations. They were divided into two factions, the good and the bad. The good ones were called Autobots and the bad ones Decepticons. These robots lacked identity and history.

Marvel came along and created a shimmering planet for The Transformers, called Cybertron. This planet lies in the distant darkness of endless space. It is a metallic world.

Cybertron defines The Transformers and gives them proper identity. The Transformers’ ability to convert themselves into vehicles and weapons leads to great battles between the two factions.

The power-hungry and evil Decepticons are led by the ruthless Megatron. The Autobots are led by the wise Optimus Prime . The Decepticons want to rule Cybertron and destroy every Autobot stronghold on the planet.

As these gleaming gladiators battle for survival, their history in defined by combat and civil war…..

The Transformers
The Transformers

The planet Cybertron revolves around the star Alpha Centauri. This planet is like no other, it does not have sand or rock. It is a vast Saturn sized machine world that is entirely mechanical. It’s dominant life form evolved from naturally occurring gears, pulleys and levers.

These sentient beings think of Cybertron as heaven, until the serpent Megatron came along. Ravage, a Decepticon, is warmongering. The Decpticons have lived with the Autobots for centuries and planned for war. Finally, their preparations are complete.

They strike the Autobots. A global conflict breaks out between the two factions. This conflict gets so intense that Cybertron is shaken loose from its orbit. It is sent hurling through space…..

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