Star Wars: Inspiring Greatness in Others

Star Wars: Clone Wars Episode one starts with a great message for all; ‘Great Leaders Inspire Greatness in Others’. This message says a lot about what is to follow.

The Galaxy is divided by war. Both The Republic and Count Dooku are looking for allies. They look towards the neutral planets for allegiance. The Republic wants to set up a supply base on the system of Toydaria. They send Jedi Master Yoda for negotiations with the King of Toydaria on a neutral moon .

Before Yoda gets there, Asajj Ventress gets there with a message from Count Dooku. He asks for King Katuunko’s allegiance on hologram. Dooku is up to no good. He intends to  sabotage the negotiations and coerce the Toydarians into allegiance with the Separatists.

Dooku’s droids ambush Yoda’s ship before it lands on the moon. Yoda asks his crew to launch all the escape pods and leave. Yoda makes it to the surface of the moon with three of his men.

Meanwhile, Yoda’s ship is seen leaving the star system, by King Katuunko. Asajj Ventress tries to convince the King that the Jedi Master has fled.

The Clone Wars Episode-1 Ventress
The Clone Wars Episode-1 Ventress

The Toydarians are contacted by Yoda on hologram. He tells them that he has been delayed but he is close by. Asajj Ventress is listening and she offers a challenges. She says that if her best droids capture Yoda, the Toydarians should ally themselves with the Separatists. If they don’t then they should join The Republic.

The King intervenes and says that he did not invite Yoda to be tested in battle. But Yoda accepts the challenge anyway. The King requests Ventress to give Yoda a fair fight. She promise that she will. But she is a lying villainous assassin.

The Clone Wars Episode-1
The Clone Wars Episode-1

Yoda uses his wisdom and leadership prowess to sense the enemy’s plans. He asks his men to not head for the rendezvous point via a straight path because Ventress needed to be dealt with wisely.

Ventress sends in a whole armed battalion with tanks to take down Yoda. They go after him in the trees. Yoda asks his men to hold fire and stay calm. Yoda shows supreme leadership skills in dealing with the situation at hand. The droid tanks are unable to go through the trees. Yoda tells his men that size isn’t everything.

The droids advance on foot. Yoda instructs his men to prepare to face the droids. They take their positions. They destroy the advance droid troops. The droid leader reports this to Ventress and King Katuunko. The King is pleased with Yoda.

The droids send in their heavy troops. They injure one of Yoda’s men. Yoda pulls out his lightsaber and deflects the firing from the troops. They take cover behind rocks. Yoda uses his Jedi mind trick to make the droids fire on each other. They all destroy each other.

Three droidekas (destroyer droids) advance on the Jedi and his men. They are forced to retreat. The droid commander reports this to Ventress and the King. Yoda also reports his status to the King. He says that he will meet with the King as agreed. Ventress is angered and the King seems worried.

Yoda and his men go in to a cave to get some rest. The men are low on ammo and strength. Yoda makes a crutch for the injured soldier. He asks them to sit down and take off their helmets. He sees into their minds and calls them by name. He inspires all of them by telling them about their inner strengths. He asks them not to worry but to learn to out smart the enemy and survive the long war.  He asks them to use the force and be at peace with themselves.

Meanwhile the droids have figured out a way of taking their tanks through the trees. The Jedi and his men can hear them advancing. They come out of the cave to see the battalion moving below them. Yoda jumps down to face the enemy. He tells his men that they will know when to help him.

Yoda starts with the tanks. He uses his lightsaber to deflect the fire, while cutting open and destroying the tanks. Ventress asks his troops to report. Yoda destroys the droid reporting to Ventress. The King and Ventress see it being sliced on hologram. This amuses the King.

The Ventress sends in reinforcements. She sends in droidekas. While Yoda is busy with the tanks, his men feel that he needs help in dealing with the clankers’ reinforcements.

Yoda Droideka Faceoff
Yoda Droideka Faceoff

The lieutenant takes a shot at the cliff right above the droidekas; it breaks and falls on top of them and crushes them. The men rejoice at winning the battle.

Yoda greets them with a thought about learning a lesson. They head for the rendezvous point. Meanwhile, the King refuses to join Dooku. He says that Ventress did not give Yoda a fair fight. Suddenly Dooku instructs Ventress to kill the King.

She draws two lightsabers. Yoda shows up just in time and fends off Ventress. She blasts cliff rocks right above the King and runs towards her ship. Yoda stops the rocks from falling while Ventress manages to getaway.

Yoda asks the King to negotiate. He says that won’t be necessary because Toydaria would be honored to host a Republic base. He hands over his sword to Yoda as a token of goodwill. Yoda promises that they will not fail him and his people.

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