Batman: On Leather Wings

‘On Leather Wings’ is the fist episode of Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995). Directed by Kevin Altieri and Written by Mitch Brian.

It starts off real nice with the police keeping a close eye on Gotham from the air. They suddenly see something with bat wings flying close by. They try investigating but they find nothing.

Meanwhile, a giant bat attacks the night watchman in a pharmaceutical company’s building and injures him severely. Everyone suspects Batman. The press publishes a story the next day saying that the police have declared war on Batman.

James Gordon tries his best to convince Mayor Hill not to use force for capturing Batman. Detective Bullock argues otherwise. Bullock wins the argument; the Mayor authorizes a task force for the purpose. The coin flipping Harvey Dent, also takes Bullock’s side and promises to put Batman behind bars.

Batman on Leather Wings
Batman on Leather Wings

Even the good old Butler Alfred starts believing the papers!

Bruce thinks that he is being setup by someone. He checks his computer for crimes committed the night before. He finds out that two other pharmaceutical companies were also attacked and the same chemical was stolen. He thinks that it might be a pattern.

Batman jumps into his awesome Batmobile and heads out of the Bat cave to find out whats going on!

He heads to the Phoenix Pharmaceuticals building; which is the scene of last night’s crime. Someone sees him coming and calls the police.

Detective Bullock gets to hear about this; he heads to the scene with a police squad. He intends to take Batman down.

Meanwhile, Batman scans the crime scene for clues with his ultra high-tech infrared goggles. He finds the injured watchman’s audio recorder and a piece of hair. The recorder seems to have last night’s recordings of the crime scene on audio tape!

He hears police car sirens in the distance. He tries to his escape. Commissioner Gordon shows up at the scene just in time. He informs Detective Bullock that another pharmaceutical factory was just robbed across town and Batman is the wrong suspect. Commissioner Gordon wants Bullock to call off the squad.

The squad is already in the building trying to smoke Batman out. They throw tear gas and accidentally hit flammable material, causing an explosion. The Batman escapes while saving a squad-man’s life.

Later on Bruce Wayne goes to meet with Dr. March at the Bat Exhibit at the Zoo. Dr. March seems to be obsessed by bats and their well-being. Bruce asks him to analyze the sample of the hair that he found in the pharmaceutical lab last night.

Bruce Meets Dr.March
Bruce Meets Dr.March

He also gives the recording from last night to the doctor’s daughter Francine and son-in-law Kirk Langstrom for analysis.

Back in the bat cave, he tries analyzing the bat like sounds on his own computer, but he doesn’t get any answers.

Dr. March calls him and tells him that the hair sample is from a brown bat and the sounds are that of starlings and brown bats fighting. Bruce suspects that to be lie. He rechecks on the computer for combined sounds of starlings and brown bats. The computer replies in the negative.

Batman and Alfred now know that Dr. March is lying. Batman intends to find out why.

Meanwhile, at Dr. March’s lab, someone destroys both the clues (the hair and the recording) . Someone seems to be saying its got me, while coughing and taking medicine.

Moments later Batman shows up at the doctors lab. He sees empty medicine bottles marked Phoenix Pharmaceuticals. Kirk steps inside the lab and confronts Batman. He tells him about how brilliant Dr. March is and how he had come up with a new theory.

He tells Batman about the formula for creating a new species that is neither bat nor human. Kirk tells him about how he had tested it on himself. He tells him that he can’t stop taking the formula and that the beast has taken over him.

Kirk suddenly starts laughing and turns into a horrible and huge bat (Man-Bat). He attacks Batman. His wife steps into the room and calls his name. He looks at her in dismay and tries to fly away. Batman throws his batrope batarang. It gets entangled in his feet. Batman holds on and is flown away with him.

Batman crashes into the Police Air Patrol. He still doesn’t let go. The police ask for reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Bullock tries to get airborne but Gordon doesn’t let him. They argue a little but they both get on the same chopper and are airborne.

Man-Bat tries to shake off Batman, but to no avail. Batman manages to jump on top of Man-Bat. They fly past Gordon’s chopper and crash into a signboard. Man-Bat passes out. Batman takes him to the bat cave. He tries to figure out a way of curing Langstrom.

He looks at the list of all the stolen chemicals, that were used for making the monstrous formula. He checks on his high-tech computer and figures out a cure! He takes the cured Kirk Lagstrom back to his wife in his batmobile. He tells her that Kirk is cured for now………….

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