What is ‘Powers 14’ All About

The List:

Created & Produced By: Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming

Coloring: Nick Filardi

Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Editing & Production: Jennifer Grunwald

Business Affairs: Alisa Bendis

Collection Designer: Patrick McGrath

Powers is an awesome Graphic Novel about Super beings with awesome powers getting killed on earth! How can that happen. Aren’t these beings supposes to be immortal or something.

Powers Volume 14 is a collection of Powers content Vol. 3 # 7 -11, which was previously published in magazine format. It is about Homicide Detectives Christian Walker and Enki Sunrise investigating murders of superheroes.


Walker is a superhero who has regained his powers after loosing them. Walker’s former partner Deena Pilgrim is the only one who knows about him being the cosmic protector of earth. Walker’s current partner Enki Sunrise doesn’t know about this.

Deena retired a while ago but now she has returned as a federal agent, working for the FBI.

A superpower named Damocles turns up dead. Walker and Enki question his mates. They all have their own opinion about Damocles. Artemis says that he was too human, he had too many vices. Kronos is contemptuous of Damocles and he thinks that Damocles was unworthy of being a superpower. Castor doesn’t say anything worthwhile about him either.

Hecate, on the other hand tells them about Damocles’ mother. They turn to her; she is in mourning. She tells them about Hades having beef with Damocles.

Meanwhile, the murder becomes big news. It is all over TV. Artemis, one of the ‘Golden Ones’ is called for an interview on live TV. Her head gets blown up just like Damocles’ on live TV………

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