Star Trek, To Brave The Storm

Michael A. Martin has chosen a very good tag line for his Star Trek Enterprise novel ‘The Romulan War’. The timeline depicted in the book is also very historic in the Star Trek universe.

The book is set between the years 2156 and 2161. The Romulans are wanting total domination of the galaxy. They set in motion a plan to weaken the Coalition of Planets. They carry out a terrorist attack on Vulcan. Vulcan, Andor and Tellar are terrified after the attack.

Meanwhile, the Romulans are at war with humans. The list of humanity’s allies grows thin by the minute. The negotiations with the Klingons have failed. They have assumed a neutral position in this war and have decided not to aid humans officially.

Star Trek Enterprise The Romulan War
Star Trek Enterprise The Romulan War

These are dark times for earth. This book does an awesome job of narrating the events that take place during those times.

Earth alone faces the Romulan menace. Starfleet is battered by the onslaught of the Romulan empire, but its commitment to earth’s defense remains resolute.

The Enterprise plays a very important part in the war. The dauntless Captain Archer does all that he can to save earth and find allies who can help with the war effort.

The events depicted in this book are before TOS (The Original Series). The Romulans have technological superiority over humans. That is one reason this era in the Star Trek timeline is even more important.

The Romulans seem to get more confident with every strike. They use merciless tactics for achieving what they want. Using starships as weapons is one of them.

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