Sojourn After Mordath’s Death

Ayden leads the people from the Five Lands to victory against Mordath. He kills Mordath after a fierce battle in which Mordath’s castle is besieged for days.


His ruthless and barbaric rule comes to an end. The people of The Five Lands rejoice. They ask Ayden to be their king. He declines and breaks his spear into five pieces. He says that these pieces represent the Five Lands. Together they can summon me, but separated they are nothing.

He scatters the five pieces over the Five Lands. He bids the people farewell and returns to his mysterious past.

The end of the battle leads to three centuries of peace on the world on Quin. But evil easily corrupts. It corrupts a Sigil bearer.

His intention is to bring conflict back to the Five Lands. Against the advise of others, he misuses his powers to bring the evil Mordath back to life…..

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