Giving Star Trek a New Lease on Life

The new Star Trek movie has achieved that rarest of things with prequels/reboots; it has brought much-loved characters and situations in a brand new generation while holding onto what made the original so special in the first place. Fans had their doubts, but now we know that these concerns were unfounded.

JJ Abrams has brought Star Trek back to the masses, and the final product has exceeded all of our wildest expectations. This isn’t a cynical money-in of the reboot-thing, this is a real effort to reintroduce the Star Trek world to a contemporary audience who’d previously had no interest in it; while also giving long-term fans something to be thrilled with.

Star Trek
Star Trek

The reviews are virtually unanimous in their positive compliments of the movie and its cast. This is an excellent thing to behold  for trekkers as well as movie lovers. At last we’ve a Star Trek film that fans and beginners alike may enjoy and enthuse about, plus we now know that a new Star Trek movie can be taken as seriously the Television series. That hasn’t been the case since the 8th movie, Star Trek: First Contact. Although the classic Wrath of Khan is held high esteem.

The Star Wars prequels had a similar problem. These prequels had an excessive amount of a mish mash, with way too many plot holes and way too many lackluster explanations for things which had become science fiction legends. Couple this with uneven direction along with a cast that did not gel well, and you’ve films lacking the material that made the original so great.

Star Trek has obviously been made while keeping this in mind. The crew have done an amazing job, the cast are brilliant and most importantly the history is compelling and well told. With enough pleasure to keep the action addicts happy along with enough of the original Star trek myth left intact.

The new Star Trek movies are what the Star Wars prequels should have been!

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