CrossGen Sojourn Prequel From Forge # 1

The List:

Writer: Ron Marz

Penciler: Greg Land

Inker: Drew Geraci

Colorist: Caesar Rodriguez

Letterers: Dave Lanphear & Troy Peteri

The evil and merciless Mordath has conquered the Five Lands on the world of Quin. A mysterious warrior and his army have challenged his rule. Mordath is besieged in his castle. He is torturing a captured prisoner for information regarding the warrior’s name.

Mordath threatens him many times. The prisoner does not yield; instead he mocks Mordath, so he kills him with a knife.

He asks his troll underlings about the state of the siege. He walks to the balcony of the castle to observe the battle for himself. He keeps trying to figure out the identity of the warrior. He tries using the looking glass to see in the distance, but to no avail.

The battle rages on. Mordath himself is attacked but he is saved by his faithful troll Mahk. He gives the orders to retreat. The wall on which he stands is attacked; it falls. He survives the fall, stands up and asks to warrior to face him.

Finally the mystery is revealed. The warrior shows himself riding his horse. He calls himself Ayden. Ayden’s army chants for Mordath’s blood. He raises him hand and stops them from spilling more blood. He declares victory.

He dismounts his horse and asks Mordath to surrender. Instead of surrendering he attacks Ayden, who in turn slays him. Before Mordath dies, he promises vengeance upon the Five Lands!

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