Futurama: The Bender You Say

Futurama # 13 (The Bender You Say) List:

Script: Ian Boothby

Pencils: James Lloyd

Inks: Steve Steere, Jr.

Colors: Joey Mason

Letters: Karen Bates

Editor: Bill Morrison

Food Critic: Matt Groening

Total Number of Pages: 28

Futurama The Bender You Say
Futurama The Bender You Say

It starts off on a funny note. Bender serves food to all his Planet Express friends; they fall asleep. He thinks that they are dead! He starts robbing them. They wake up to tell him that they snoozed off because of his bland food. They snooze off again after eating dessert.

He walks out on them and heads off to the ‘Little Armageddon’ part of town. He goes straight to a black market dealer of spices. What do you know! Elzar is there buying spices! Bender greets him and hugs him. Elzar tells him not to tell anyone about him being there.

Bender tells the dealer that he wants the good stuff. The dealer asks him if he were a cop. He says no way. The dealer says, cops get a 10% discount.

The dealer takes him to the cellar; to see the good stuff (S & P). As soon as bender sees it he wants it. He pays for it with an Adamantium credit card; which is from Elzar’s wallet. He had picked Elzar’s pocket when he hugged him earlier.

Later on he’s in the kitchen cooking again using the good stuff (S & P). Hermes thinks that Bender can’t be using S & P (Salt & Pepper).

Fry thinks the using salt and pepper is no big deal. Leela says using salt isn’t but using pepper is. She tells him about how aliens with giant noses took over earth a while ago. They were served food by Elzar. They thought it was bland. He added a bit of pepper to it. They sneezed and died or something. Since then its use is illegal and all pepper goes to the ministry of earth defense.

A moment later the City Health Inspector shows up. He checks the food by tasting it; then by bio scanning himself and viewing his holographic projection 24 hours into the future. He sees his grave marked ‘Here Lies Inspector # 14, poisoned in the line of duty’!

Professor Farnsworth fires Bender. He thinks he can find another job. He thinks that he can be a nurse or a gravedigger or a game show model. He ends up shaking hands with the robot devil for a job! He gets to cook for the devil.

Meanwhile, Fry tries to act like Bender. He starts stealing from all his mates and starts drinking excessively.

Bender cooks weird food for the devil and kills him! Robot hell goes out of business. This in turn makes robots not want to go to church anymore; which puts it out of business as well!

The preacherbot makes a pact with Bender where Bender gets to be the devil. Bender tricks Leela and Fry into working for him in hell. None of the sinner robots take him seriously.

He works out a plan with Leela and Fry. He tricks all the robots to walk on shag carpeting to get premium robot oil. They all get hit by static charges, while Bender and Fry play scrappy music. This tortures the robots much more that before. Meanwhile, Leela asks the robots to divide C3PO by R2D2. This causes their circuits to over heat.

After a while; Bender gets tired of all this devil stuff, he flips and runs away. He goes to a soup kitchen to help out. Leela and Fry follow him; he starts running. They finally catch him at the church.

He tells them that he doesn’t want to be the Devil anymore. He just wants things to return to the way they were. The old devil shows up again! He is not dead, he says that he was just pretending to be because he wanted a vacation!

In the end it all goes back to normal!!

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