‘The Atlantis Gene’ is a Fantastic Sci Fi Thriller

A. G. Riddle’s novel ‘The Atlantis Gene’ is a superb science fiction thriller. It is a must read for all science fiction fans. It is about the mystery of humanity’s evolution. It takes us to exotic locations all around the world, from Antarctica to Indonesia.

The Atlantis Gene is a self published novel that is on its way to becoming a movie. The book is a very good read. It is about a geneticist and an intelligence agent trying to save the human race from getting wiped out.

A thousands of year old vessel is discovered off the coast of Antarctica; it’s origins unknown and unhuman. It holds a great secret, possibly the secret to humanity’s origins. A great catastrophe is about to take place; that will change humanity’s future forever.

A secret and ruthless faction, the Immari, knows about this. They have kept it secret for millennia. They are planning a disaster of apocalyptic proportions; in which 99.9% of the human population will be wiped out.

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