Who Really Publishes Star Trek Comics?

Star Trek comics are adored by trekkers, but who is really publishing them?

Star Trek comics were first published by Gold Key Comics. They were quite popular in the sixties and seventies. Gold Key somehow failed as a company in 1984 just like CrossGen in 2004.

Later on Marvel did a bit for Star Trek but they left off; then DC took over! Some how DC couldn’t do it either. Malibu and TokyoPop tried for a couple of years but unsuccessfully. Then Marvel took over again. They failed again!!

Finally IDW has taken on the job of publishing Star Trek comics. They are doing a great job.

What I can’t figure out is why couldn’t Marvel or DC publish Star Trek comics successfully. They are the two biggest comics publishers out there. They have giants of entertainment industry backing them; Marvel by Disney and DC by Warner Bros.

Star Trek is itself one of the biggest science fiction franchises out there. One big name plus another big name does not always equal success. That is what this juggling from one publisher to the other suggests. Maybe it has something to do with the the first publisher of the franchise. I think that every time a franchise is moved from one publisher to the next, it starts loosing steam. That is a real blow to the fans.

This is nothing compared to the almost cancellation of the show in the early years, until it was rescued by Paramount. Can you believe it, Star Trek getting cancelled!! Star Trek survived this fiasco because of trekkers.

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