Will The Canadian Prime Minister be Featured in Marvel Comics?

Did I hear this right; the Prime Minister of Canada is going to be featured in Marvel comics, with none other than Tony Stark!

This is startling news for comics fans like myself. Justin Trudeau is going to go inside the boxing ring and fight Tony Stark. This reminds me of Superman vs Muhammad Ali.

Even though there is no comparison between the great Ali and Trudeau, but it seems that the Canadian PM wants to make that comparison. Maybe that is why he has signed up for this. Trudeau is a politician who is good with publicity stunts. Is this another one of his publicity stunts?

Maybe its a two-way thing, maybe Marvel will get more publicity from this. Trudeau is said to have many fans, a lot of them being women and minorities. Marvel has been focusing on getting more women and minority readers for some time now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Marvel. I am just saying that Marvel and Trudeau are gearing up for a lot of publicity. Besides publicity, Trudeau might be wanting to become part of something great by being on a Marvel comic book cover. On the other hand Marvel could tap into a whole new segment of fans and increase readership.

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