The New Star Wars: Rogue One Droid, C2-B5 Looks Awesome!!

Yet another reason for all the Star Wars fans to rejoice, unveiling of the new Rogue One droid C2-B5. The new droid looks a bit like R2-D2 with a makeover! It’s still pretty good. It is another addition to the Star Wars universe.

C2-B5 will be featured in the new Star Wars movie called Rogue One, that is coming out in December this year. It is about rebels stealing plans for the Death Star.

C2-B5 is black in color, which makes it stick out from the rest. It will be with on the side of the Empire and not the rebels. Its kind of like an antithesis to R2-D2. I am sure that the movie will feature lots of scenes where the two droids face each other in battle for droid supremacy!

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