What message does ‘The Forever War’ Convey?

The Forever War is one of the best known science fiction books out there. It has won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards. It was written by Joe Haldeman in 1974. He is a Vietnam war veteran. The Forever War is highly influenced by his war years.

This book is about a war that is being fought against an enemy that cannot be conquered. This book depicts the life of Private William Mandella, who is sent to fight this interstellar war. A few months in the war represent centuries on planet earth. This metaphorically represents the feelings of military personnel returning home from active war duty.

When someone spends a few months in the company of death and destruction, their hear and mind is altered forever. Even when they come home they never feel the same, as they did before war.

I believe that this book conveys a very powerful message regarding war. Wars are forgotten by the media and the public but the war veterans are always at war with themselves. They can never overcome the physical and mental experience of war.

War is a terrible thing, especially for the ones ‘in the trenches’. Spend a few months in one and you would feel as if you are centuries away from the place you called home. You can never really come back can you?

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