Do ‘The Jetsons’ live in utopia?

Some call it ‘that show from the sixties’, some call it science fiction. I think that ‘The Jetsons’ TV show is still relevant today as it was so many years ago.

The Jestons live in a future, where everything is in space. People use flying saucer like cars to get around. All schools, shopping malls, offices, etc are in space. There are a lot of nice gadgets on the show as well, like George Jetson’s flying car that turns into a briefcase.

Robots and futuristic looking gizmos seem to take care of everything. There are no major problems with society, no poverty, no war etc. All is well and there is peace.

Everybody seems happy and well taken care of. The Jetsons live in and idealistic fantasy, that seems like utopia. It is representative of the Jules Verne way of thinking, where science is for the good of humanity.

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