Meridian Chapter 30 (From CrossGen’s Comics Forge # 10) The Pirates, or The Islands? (Continued….)

The Torbellian rebels seek vengeance for the destruction of their island. They steal an airship from Meridian and head off. Meanwhile Jad is thinking about Sephie and feeling depressed.

The Torbellians attack Cadador with the stolen ship. Sephie is on Cadador, she flies to meet the attackers and enters the ship. She realizes that the attackers are Torbellians. They demand an eye for an eye. They want Cadador. Sephie knows in her heart that Ilahn has wronged them. She realizes that, as the new minister of Cadador, it is her responsibility to right the wrongs done by her Uncle.

Sephie goes to meet Cadador’s decision-making council and asks them to give the Torbellians Contracts for barter-free labor for two years, Hesperia and all the ore that they require. They don’t agree, meanwhile the attack is renewed. Sephie tries to stop the cannon balls from hitting the city. She tries to help the wounded. The people of Cadador want her to destroy the attackers ship.

Sephie tries to act diplomatically. She meets the attackers and asks them for some time for making a decision. She also suggests that they attack the meeting place of the council instead of the city. They consent. As soon as the council chambers are attacked, the council agrees to all the demands!

Before Sephie learns of this decision Ilahn shows up!



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