Sideshow Fry (Futurama Conquers The Universe Comics) by Matt Groening 2


Bender takes the place of the un-human cannonball. Fry and Zoidberg are tricked in to becoming part of the freaks on exhibit at the circus.

Meanwhile the rest of the planet express crew are informed by the circus staff that both Fry and Zoidberg have died. They return home. Harold Zoid becomes part of The Planet Express crew!

Both Zoidberg and Fry settle in at the circus. Fry falls in love with the bearded woman. They get treated very well. Meanwhile Leela learns the truth from Harold Zoid about Fry and Zoidberg. She plans a rescue attempt by herself because no one else wants to!

She gets to the circus in a rented crappy spaceship that looks like The Enterprise. She tries to rescue them but ends up in the freak exhibit with Fry and Zoidberg. Bender tells them that he will try to rescue them.

He botches the cannon ball performance by aiming straight up. He shoots right into the top of the circus tent and brings down the whole show. Fry breaks up with the bearded woman.

They try to escape in the rented ship but the robot elephant and the rest of the circus freaks try to stop them. This time the bearded woman helps them get away. She cuts the rope holding them back using the shaving razor she had received as a gift from Fry!



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