Sideshow Fry (Futurama Conquers The Universe Comics) by Matt Groening

The List:

Published originally as Futurama # 12.

Presented by Matt Groening.

Script: Eric Rogers

Pencils: John Delaney

Inks: Phyllis Novin

Colors: Joey Mason

Letters: Karen Bates

Editor: Bill Morrison

The Planet Express is delivering cotton candy suits to a circus. Fry has never seen a circus before. He seems excited. The rest of the crew seems mildly pleased. They want to spend the day there. They make the delivery to a guy selling elephant ears!

The visit the freak tent first. Dr. Zoidberg meets his Uncle Harold Zoid there! Fry shows his friends his outie bellybutton. They all think that he is a freak.

The crew head for the big top show featuring the un-human cannonball. He turns out to be Bender’s school mate Dewey. Bender says this guy cheated bender in school and got him demoted. Bender thinks that all this circus fame belongs to him instead of Dewey.

He sneaks away from the crew into Dewey’s trailer and beats him up and takes his place.

Meanwhile, someone wants Fry to be part of the circus exhibits!

(To be continued…..)

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