Hostile Makeover (Futurama Conquers The Universe Comics) by Matt Groening

Futurama is awesome as always. Futurama comics are equally cool. This one is about Leela and Amy.

The List:

Script: Eric Rogers

Pencils: Mike Kazaleh

Inks: Mike Rote

Colors: Chris Ungar

Letters: Karen Bates

Editor: Bill Morrison

It starts with Amy having coffee and Leela reading the magazine “Good Ship Keeping”. They gossip a little about co-workers and Bender’s awful food. Both of them are awfully bored, Amy drags Leela to the mall for shopping.

Amy gives Leela a makeover. She makes her look like herself; clothes, hair and all . As soon they walk out of the mall, everybody starts staring at Leela because she looks good. This makes Amy jealous!

She drags Leela back inside the mall and gives her another makeover. As soon as they come out of the mall, everyone thinks Leela looks terrible, because Amy has deliberately made her look terrible. This makes Amy happy.

Leela wants revenge! She drags Amy to an expensive store called Sluttery Barn. She gets her dressed in a bikini like costume (priced at $5,000) and takes her clothes outside the store. Amy runs out of the store after her without paying; the store lady calls the cops!

The cops nab her. The store lady asks her to pay $5,000 plus tax! Meanwhile Leela is having fun because she gets her revenge!



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