Meridian Chapter 30 (From CrossGen’s Comics Forge # 10) The Pirates, or The Islands?

Background: Meridian is about the world of Demetria. After violent explosions shakeup the planet giant rocks are shot up into the sky. These rocks form islands in the sky. People use floating ships to travel between them.

The richest and most powerful of these is the island of Cadador. It controls most of the commerce on Demetria. It is ruled by Ilahn. His rule is ruthless.

He withholds ore from the iron-working island of Torbel. This causes the island to topple and crash into the sea. A lot of people die, some are evacuated. They seek vengeance.

The shipbuilders island of Meridian is ruled by Ilahn’s niece Sephie. Ilahn tries to control both Sephie and Meridian. She fights him and a battle erupts. During the battle Ilahn is missing, presumed dead.

Sephie becomes the ruler of both Meridian and Cadador.

(To be continued…..)

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