The Path (CrossGen Forge # 10)

I recently came across a copy of CrossGen comics’ Forge # 10. It contains six different stories in six different settings. I believe it to be a very good comic book. I have read a couple of the stories and I am hooked.

CrossGen unfortunately went bankrupt a few years ago. Marvel is planning on reviving the CrossGen comics, which is very good, after all the sad news that we have heard about the company. CrossGen and Marvel are both owned by Disney. Star Wars is also owned by Disney. I think that both Disney and Marvel can do a very good job of reviving CrossGen.

The first story is set in a universe resembling ancient Japan. It is called The Path.

The List:

Writer: Ron Marz

Guest Penciler: Matthew Smith

Inker: Mark Pennington

Colorist: Michael Atiyeh

Letterer: David Lanphear

A little back ground to the story because this is chapter 9 (Plots Against the Mad Emperor). Emperor of Nayado (Mitsumune) wants the Weapon of Heaven. A monk named Obo-san possesses it and does not want to give it up. The emperor commits suicide and is resurrected. He orders the death of the monk. The monk flees with his friends. He still saves Nayado from Shinacean invaders, by using the weapon and turning Nayado’s defeat into victory. Nayado’s General Ryuichi and some of his army survive the battle.

One Shinacean soldier also survives. He goes back and tells the tale to his emperor about how his great army was completely destroyed by a monk’s secret weapon. Meanwhile, after the battle Obo-san is met by a traveler and a teller of tales. He knows all about Obo-san and his weapon. He also knows about Nayado’s troubles. He speaks of Nayado being stuck between tranquility and violence. He asks Obo-san if he can save Nayado from itself.

They talk about the emperor and how good a man he once was: how he had traveled as a commoner and at one time had taken a whipping so that a poor hungry woman’s life could be spared. How his head had been cutoff and how he lives again.

Obo-san and his friends take the stranger with them as they walk towards the monastery. Meanwhile, Emperor Mitsumune scolds his General for not bringing him the weapon. He still isn’t deterred in wanting to take the Weapon from the man who saved his lands!

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