Negation Chapter 12 (From CrossGen Forge #10, Continued….)

As soon as General Murquade dies, the Negation army is ordered to jump-gate and retreat. The ship Clarion starts falling towards the planet. Evinlea & Iress return themselves to the Negation army’s imprisonment, Komptin think it’s a trick and they plan on following Kane. Meanwhile, Kaine and his friends work out a plan to use the Clarion to do more damage to the enemy.

Fluxor explains the plan about hurling the Clarion towards Negation’s Throneworld, with them hiding in the debris field behind it. Samakar and Kaine talk things over. Samakar tells him about how they were abducted from earth. She also tells him that they gained their powers during the transition and Gammid, who was a fellow abductee, helped them mitigate and control their powers. Kaine tells them that they want to free the baby Memi. They also learn that Gammid and the baby are being held prisoners, together on the Throneworld.

Kaine decides to get some rest while they are on their way to jump-gate. He has a nightmare in which he gets a message from Memi about Komptin following them. When Corrin wakes him up, he tells her to tell all the others to check for Kompton’s ship, because it is following them!

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