WALL.E (Disney Pixar)

This a great science fiction story with great animation. It is about a robot named wall.e who is all alone on planet earth and doing what he is programmed to do. He cleans and compacts trash.

I recently came across a good book about Wall.e. It is published by random house with the same name as the movie. This is the story as retold by the book.

Wall.e is compacting trash into small cubes. He likes to collect things from the trash that he thinks are fun. He once finds a plant in a shoe. One day another robot named EVE arrives. Her secret mission is to find a plant. Wall.e looks at her from hiding and tries to find out if they can become friends. In the beginning she seems hostile but later on they become friends.

Wall.e takes her to his place and shows off all his collection of fun stuff. As soon as she sees the plant she grabs it and places it inside her, because this is her secret mission. Wall.e asks her to hold hands but she doesn’t, instead she falls asleep and waits for her spaceship to take her away.

As soon as the spaceship arrives she leaves but Wall.e grabs on to the ship because he has started loving EVE. As soon as the smaller ship docks with a bigger ship, Wall.e hides there and meets new robots.

A bad robot dumps EVE in the trash. This is when EVE really becomes Wall.e’s friend. The plant helps the ship back to earth. Wall.e is hurt but glad to be back home to earth. This time EVE rescues Wall.e and finally they hold hands!!

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