Dune (Continued…)

After Paul becomes a Fremen, his diet consists mainly of spice. As time passes by, he becomes highly revered. He leads the Dune people to victory over control of the spice. The empire submits to Paul’s will and Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV marries his daughter Princess Irulan to Paul but his soulmate is always Chani.

Paul is also called The Kwisatz Haderach by the Bene Gesserit. His Fremen carve a new empire but in its wake leave death and destruction in which billions perish.

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is very powerful and very cruel. His role is very important in the control of the spice. He is killed by Paul’s younger sister Alia. His nephew Feyd Rautha is killed by Paul himself.

Dune is a masterpiece science fiction novel that spawned a series of bestsellers. After Frank Herbert’s death his son Brian Herbert carries on the series. It has been made into a movie and TV series as well. What fans like myself need is a movie series on the scale of Star Wars or maybe Lord of The Rings.

I believe that this is possible because the depth of the characters and the story create a Dune universe. Somebody in the league of J.J. Abrams or Peter Jackson is needed to take on the challenge for a movie adaptation.

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