Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune was first published 1965. It won both the Hugo & the Nebula awards for science fiction. It is about the House Atreides. It is a sensational bestseller in the science fiction genre. It is a space saga about a planet called Arrakis or Dune.

Dune is the roughest and the toughest place in the universe. The natives are called Fremen. They are matched in strength and endurance only by the Sardaukar, who happen to be fanatical and the toughest in the universe.

The Spacing Guild, requires the spice or melange in order to navigate, it only exists on the planet Dune. The flow of spice from Dune is controlled by a very few and powerful elitists who are not of Dune. Paul Atreides (Muad’dib)’s father is killed and he himself is driven in to hiding with his mother (Lady Jessica who is of the Sisterhood of Bene Gesserit) on Dune.

They become friends with the Fremen and start living among them in a Sietch. Paul becomes Muad’dib. He becomes one with the desert. He falls in love with Chani. He learns to ride the huge sandworms of Dune. It is these worms that are responsible for presence of spice on Dune.

(to be continued…)

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