Star Wars: The Skywalker Family Album (Anakin & Luke)

This book is published by Random House. It is about the Skywalker family. It has pictures of the family members presented in the form of an album with their stories.

It shows similarities between Anakin and Luke. It starts with the pictures of young Anakin and Luke on Planet Tatooine. This planet was home to Anakin who liked fixing droids. He built the droid named C3PO. He liked racing so he built a Podracer. His mother was named Shmi and his stepfather was named Cliegg. His stepbrother was named Owen. He had grownup on a moisture farm in Mos Eisley.

Later on he leaves the planet and becomes a jedi. He is trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi and overseen by Master Yoda. He becomes a skilled pilot and knows his way with a speeder on the city planet Coruscant. Later on when he becomes Darth Vader he is expertly able to fly a specially designed TIE fighter in the battle of Yavin. He also shows uncommon bravery during the battle of Naboo where he single-handedly takes out The Trade Federation Droid Control Ship. He is helped by R2D2 in his adventures.

Similarly Luke grows up on Tatooine on the same moisture farm as his father. He is brought up by Owen Lars and Beru. He likes racing and owns an old landspeeder. He likes fixing droids just like his father. He is also trained by both Obi-Wan and Yoda.

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