Star Wars: The Skywalker Family Album (Amidala & Leia)

This article is a continuation of the previous article. It is about the mother & daughter, Queen Amidala & Princess Leia.

Amidala becomes leader of the Naboo while still in her teens. She later represents her planet as a Senator in the republic senate. She is very brave and very strong of character. She like to fight her own battles. She usually travels in her Naboo Cruiser. with R2D2.

She falls in love with Anakin and marries him even though jedis are forbidden to do so. They have children named Leia and Luke. They are both separated at birth. Leia turns out to be as brave as her mother.

She leads the Rebel Alliance while still in her teens. She also become a senator in the imperial senate and represents Alderaan. She usually travels in the consular starship called the Tantive IV. She is also very fond of the droid named R2D2.

All on all this is one extraordinary family that is at the center of the greatest space saga ever!

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